Your feet are flat - let's run them that way
Breaking: Get ready for the 7 part Sock Doc interview

The sub-3 hour sandal marathon

Sandal running is more than slow plodding at ultra distances.

I did a decent road marathon to prove a point, and this really annoyed the minimalism nay sayers.



Taking your sandals for a 246k spin

So I finished the 2014 Spartathlon in a pair of ultra thin leather sandals.

This stirred up the ultra running community quite a bit - read the inside story.



Wanna run long? Forget about running

What if running long distances wasn't just about "putting in the miles"?

Well guess what - it isn't. And that's why I can keep running long on a very unimpressive training milage.



So you want to run 246k ... in SANDALS?

The more you know, the less you need - I'll be running the 2014 Spartathlon in a pair of simple sandals.

Why would anyone want to do that? Well, to me it's really the only option if I want to finish the race in good form.